Enterprise Search & Discovery Summit

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Promises, promises! For years, enterprise search has promised to increase information discoverability, enhance corporate performance and profitability, and transform workplaces. It's time to deliver on these promises!

New technologies, next generation information access, and novel approaches to search and discovery are on the agenda for 2015. We'll look at how to improve  speed and relevancy, sound the death knell to those dreaded "blue lists" of results, and debate the merits of various technologies. We'll consider the role of information governance as it affects search and discovery. We'll investigate the intriguing challenges presented by mobile devices.

The many aspects of search and discovery include customers finding products, companies monetizing real time activities, and organizations maximizing the data they own. Leveraging internal data in light of cloud computing, outcome-based metrics, adaptive filtering, taxonomy and metadata tools, predictive analysis, open source, knowledge graphs, and mobile delivery raises people's expectations for search and discovery. Add Big Data into the mix and we have many promises on which to deliver! Let's rethink how to handle search, databases, analysis, and decision-making. 

At the Enterprise Search & Discovery conference you'll learn how your peers and colleagues have wrestled with and solved their technological and business challenges. You'll hear about incorporating new technologies, formulating new strategies, improving findability, moving to different platforms, adopting different approaches to search and discovery.

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Search managers, Intranet/portal managers, IT managers, Information & knowledge architects, Taxonomists, Content managers, Web publishers & developers, Information professionals, Knowledge management professionals, Anyone who is responsible for organizing, managing, and retrieving internal and/or external information.

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