InterMET Asia 2016

2016-03-16 - 2016-03-17
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+44 121 2443500
InterMET Asia 2014 is an international exhibition and conference dedicated to the meteorology industry in the Asia-Pacific region, showcasing a broad range of meteorological instruments and technologies relevant to national and international weather services and weather-sensitive businesses.InterMET Asia 2014 will enable leading international vendors of weather and environmental monitoring and analysis technologies to meet face to face with a carefully targeted group of regional buyers from no fewer than 25 countries across the APAC region. Buyers will drawn from diverse sectors including national meteorological and hydrological services (NMHSs); national environment agencies; agriculture firms; aviation companies; construction & mining companies; defence & military organisations; DOTs & public works agencies; offshore oil & gas companies; power utilities; ports & harbours, renewable energy companies; sports & recreation organisers; transporation companies; and water utilities.
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InterMET Asia is the must-attend forum for anyone interested in weather monitoring and prediction technologies.The event targets operations directors, meteorological officers, forecasters, senior scientists and director-generals from national and international weather services, as well as key decision-makers from weather-sensitive businesses.Weather and environment services:National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS)National environment agenciesCommercial weather service vendors End-user industries:Agriculture firmsOffshore oil & gas companiesAirlines, helicopters & FBOsPower utilitiesAirports & ANSPsPorts & harboursBroadcast & electronic mediaRenewable energy companiesConstruction & mining companiesSports & recreation organisersDOTs & public worksTransportation companiesDefence & military organisationsWater utilities
Exhibitor information
InterMET Asia will showcase a broad range of meteorological instruments and technologies for a variety of environmental monitoring networks and applications.Instruments / technologies:AlbedometersPsychrometersAnenometersPyranometersAtmometersPyrgeometersBarometersPyrheliometersBroadband UV radiometersQuality assurance & calibration systemsCeilometersRadio acoustic sounding systems (RASS)Cloud seeding & rain enhancementRadiometersComputers, supercomputers & softwareRadiosondesData processing systemsRadiowind systemsData transmission systemsRain gaugesData visualisation systemsRocketsondesDataloggers & data acquisition systemsSap flow measurement systemsDewpoint metersSatellite & remote sensing technologiesDistrometersScatter metersEvaporation gauges and pansScintillometersHorticultural sensorsScreens & shieldsHydrogen generatorsSeismometersHygrometersSnowgaugesIce detection & freezing rain sensorsSodars (acoustic sounders)Illuminance metersSpectroscopic light measurementsInstrumented towers, masts and tripodsTelephotometric instrumentsLightning detectorsTheodolitesLuminance sensorsThermometersLysimetersTransmissometersMicrowave radiometer profilersTsunami warning systemsMoisture analysersVisibility lidarsNon-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analysersWeather balloonsNowcasting & numerical weather prediction systemsWeather radarsOzone analysers & ozonesondesWind lidarsPrecipitation gaugesWind profilers Specialised weather monitoring systems / automatic weather stations (AWSs) for:National meteorological & hydrological services (NMHSs)AgricultureAviationConstruction & miningDefence & military operationsDOTs and public worksEnergy industry (conventional / renewables)Transportation

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