New York City 2015 Blissful Grandeur: A Popup Wedding Celebration

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Time: 6:00 pm to 12:00 am Price: All-inclusive Celebration Packages starting under $5K URLs: Booking: Inquiries: YouTube:
The national average for the cost of a wedding is just about $29K with prime locations such as NYC, Miami, DC, and LA being much higher at $50K or more (1). The national average wage in 2013 was just under 45K (2). Young adults who have never been married are more likely to cite financial security as the main reason for not being currently married (3). THIS CELEBRATION IS WORTH OVER $90k! Many wish for a glamorous, celebrity style wedding but the truth is few can afford to have this. Blissful Grandeur opens the door for average couples to have the wedding of their dreams, a wedding that is far beyond their estimated wedding budget, a wedding that is truly unique for one small sacrifice… is a wedding to be shared with others as a GROUP WEDDING. This exciting one day celebration visiting cities across the country will encompass MULTIPLE couples in making their “dream wedding” come true. R.Kristi and supporting sponsors will produce a one of a kind full service ceremony, reception and a bonus engagement party at a SECRET LOCATION for these lucky few which will comprise of all the bells and whistles they deserve. Their only expectation is to expect a wedding that rivals a celebrity wedding, but that is all they know. The Couples are kept on ice through the entire process and are unaware of where their wedding will take place, the vendors involved, the décor, the food, EVERYTHING! The couples will then have to focus on strengthening their relationship since the stress of wedding planning is no longer a worry. ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGES for couples who are looking to get married, renew vows or have a commitment ceremony starting under $5K! SPONSOR AND ADVERTINSING opportunities also available for businesses, brands, services and products. For more information contact us at

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