North American Tire & Retread Expo

The premier TIRE & RETREAD EXPO in North America
2016-04-19 - 2016-04-21
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We welcome you to what with your support will become the premier TIRE & RETREAD EXPO in North America. NORTH AMERICAN TIRE & RETREAD EXPO. The NORTH AMERICAN TIRE & RETREAD EXPO is a tire show presented by a tire dealer for tire and retread tire manufacturers and dealers. We invite all major tire and retread rubber and equipment manufacturers to exhibit at the expo and get back in touch with your most important asset: YOUR DEALERS AND CLIENTS ON A PERSONAL (MANO A MANO) LEVEL. We invite all tire and retread rubber distributors and producers to come and exhibit at the expo, meet old friend and make new ones. Now at the NORTH AMERICAN TIRE & RETREAD EXPO we finally have our own TIRE & RETREAD EXPO, a place where we can all TALK TIRES AND ONLY TIRES. World demand for tires is forecast to rise 4.7 percent per year through 2015 to 3.3 billion units. In value terms, the tire market is projected to advance 6.5 percent annually over the same span to $220 billion."(*The Fredonia Group). The North American market represents almost 30% of the global tire market. It is the largest tire market in the world and we tire industry professionals do not have our own exclusive TIRE & RETREAD EXPO. Our goal is to bring together tire and retread business professionals so that they can buy and sell to each other. Along with the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau ( we are preparing the great city of New Orleans for you. You will have a cultural, fun and exciting experience in New Orleans. Get ready for some great business and even a better stay in the city of New Orleans - within walking distance of the reconstructed New Orleans Ernest N. Memorial Convention Center. Download the app in the App Store "New Orleans Official Visitor Guide" THE SHOW AND SELL, NOT SHOW AND TELL EXPO ®
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Tire, Tire Equipment, Tire Software, Retread Tire Equipment, Auto Service companies, Tire Recycling Companies
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April 2017

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