O'Reilly Velocity Conference 2017

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Celebrating 10 years of Velocity: where practitioners fearlessly share their stories so that we can learn from their successes, failures and new ideas. Here's to the next 10 years of growing better together! Our industry is evolving rapidly, shifting to a distributed systems stack that spans the application layer all the way down through compute, storage, networking, to the data center (whether yours is in the cloud or not). At Velocity, we'll delve into these domains, helping you focus on engineering performance and operations from the bottom of the stack right up to the customer. Failure is inevitable in our distributed systems. Come to Velocity and learn the strategies, tactics, tools, and approaches to deal with that inevitability: Automation Cloud Containerization Continuous Delivery Databases Deployment DevOps Distributed Data Distributed Systems Enterprise Networking Orchestration and Scheduling Organizational optimization Security Serverless computing The O'Reilly Velocity Conference has brought together systems and site reliability engineers, systems architects, application developers, and performance engineers since 2008—talented and diverse people who are doing amazing things in web operations, DevOps, and systems engineering. If you want to learn how to build and manage systems that are too large to understand, too complex to control, and that fail in unpredictable ways, make plans to join us at Velocity, taking place June 19-22 at the San Jose Convention Center.
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Why attend: Build Resilient Systems The O'Reilly Velocity Conference provides you with real-world best practices for building, deploying and running complex, distributed applications and systems. Quality Time with Experts Take advantage of this rare opportunity to meet face-to-face with a cadre of industry leaders who are taking web performance and operations to the next level. Bring your entire team to share ideas and get your toughest questions answered by the experts. Four Intense Days Devoted to Web Operations, DevOps, and Systems Engineering Velocity packs a wealth of big ideas, know-how, and connections into four concentrated days. You'll be able to apply what you've learned immediately and you'll be well prepared for what lies ahead.

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