Palakiss SPRING

jewelry trade & delivery show
2015-05-15 - 2015-05-18
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Palakiss SPRING is a prestigious international showcase dedicated to jewellery located in the Vicenza fair ground. Palakiss SPRING takes place since 1999, with the aim of offering an alternative to the traditional concept of jewelry fair in the gold branch, distinguished by the opportunity to sell during the show. Palakiss SPRING welcomes more than 18,000 visitors from around the world with a trend of steady growth. The activity of Palakiss takes place in a commercial area of over 5,000 sqm, divided into 5 exhibition halls (Turquoise, Pearl, Emerald, Diamond and Ruby) in which more than 200 booth can accommodate the best of jewellery, silver jewellery and bijoux, semi-precious stones and pearls. At Palakiss SPRING you can sell/buy on stock.
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Palakiss SPRING offers to his visitors an easy layout, in which the presentation of the products is tailored to the needs of business visitors and exhibitors. SERVICES Possibility to buy on stock Visiting fast thanks to the easy layout An innovative and diversified exhibition Contact with over 200 companies Language support – interpreting Hotel Support (search accommodation, transfers, etc.) Free wi-fi OPENING HOURS hours 9:00 to 19:30 (during the exhibition days) GET YOUR FREE PASS Fill the pre-registration form online and at your arrival you will find our reception desk, your entry card ready, avoiding unnecessary queues and saving time.
Exhibitor information
Palakiss SPRING is a specialized jewelry exhibition, equipped with the most modern and sophisticated technologies of security with CCTV cameras in addition to the efficient guard service. Booths are available in 3 models (A, B or customized) with various sizes, cozy, well-organized, which guarantee maximum confidentiality in order to better carry out business negotiations. Each booth is equipped with illuminated showcases and a safety box. There are many services provided by Palakiss during exhibitions, the ability to connect to the Internet at any time, for an efficient and organized business office, a service of interpreters, until the Real-Time quote of metals and a refreshment area with bar and restaurant. SERVICES • Outside set up, with company name on fascia • Inside furniture including table, chairs, cabinets, lighting and safety deposit box (size: 40x50x60 cm). • promotional activities • Ordinary secretarial services • Hostess for interpreting activities • Stock exchange and metals quatation in real time • free WI FI • Invitations mailed to operators • Name Entry on our catalog • Each event will activate special promotions divided by areas and / or sectors. ENTRY PASSES issued free of charge at the reception COPYING / FAX RESTAURANT-BAR
Future dates
Palakiss SUMMER 5th - 9th September 2015 Palakiss FALL 7th - 9th November 2015

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