Process Gas Chromatography & CEMS systems 2020

2020-01-22 - 2020-01-24
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Sr. Manager for Energy & HSE
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Analytical instruments used for online chemical analysis of process streams or plant environments are generally called Process Analyzer Systems or Quality Measuring Instruments. Reliable online analytical data is crucial for a safe and efficient operation is not limited to the Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry but also for Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and other industries.

Legislative requirements, economic as well as health and safety, emissions control and energy conservation are setting increasing stringent limits for reliable analyzer data which may result in huge losses or fines to the operating company.

During the first 2 days of the course we focus on all issues related to online Chromatography type analysis ranging from the basic principles, Sample Injection techniques, Analysis Columns, Applied Detector systems and particular Industrial Chromatographic configurations.

Other important subjects are specific on-line PGC systems and practical tools for Performance Monitoring and

On the last day there are two subjects discussed that are of still growing importance for the Environment;
the Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, where the main part of the applied analysis is covered by

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Benefits of Attending:

Describe the purpose, operation and application of a Process Gas Chromatographic (PGC) systems, Quality Monitoring systems as well as Spectroscopic Analyzer systems

Identify and explain the different types of Industrial PGC applications and Emission Monitoring (CEMS)

Understanding of the basic rules and tools for Analytical Accuracy, Performance & Quality Assurance


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