RetailEX FranchisEX ASEAN 2015

Fast Track Your Entry Into The ASEAN Retailing, Franchising & Licensing Market & Explore Infinite Business Opportunities
2015-09-17 - 2015-09-19
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Project Manager
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Mr Janz Jianwei
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+66(0) 2833-5126
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Retailex ASEAN 2015 is an annual international trade exhibition and conference that caters to retailers focusing on the Mekong region (Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos) and the larger ASEAN regional market. This is the regional platform to serve all retailing solutions providers and retailers interested to penetrate into ASEAN Retailing industry which has over the last 5 years witnessed the turnover growth from estimated US $ 4 billion to US $ 13.75 billion. This exhibition showcases retail technology solutions, equipment and services from local and international exhibitors and provides the most complete trade platform for exhibitors to market themselves profitably, increase brand image and create awareness for their organization, network and extend customer base as well as identify and tap on new opportunities in the future growing market. FranchisEX ASEAN 2015 is the gateway to the ASEAN Franchising & Licensing market and offers a dynamic platform for franchisors and franchisees to network, local and international industry leaders to share experiences as well as business solution providers to establish contacts with business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. It is "THE" platform to guarantee your successful entry into the ASEAN Franchise& Licensing industry. At the same time, the event allows franchisors to fast-track their entry Into The ASEAN Franchise & Licensing Market. Franchisors can expand their Market Presence Into Thailand & the ASEAN Region at the best timing with ASEAN Economic Cooperation 2015 peaking Intra-Regional Trade by leveraging on this dedicated platform for the franchising & licensing industry in the ASEAN region.
Attendee information
1) Advertising/ graphic design 2) Architecture 3) Beauty & Fashion retailing industry 4) Consumer and capital goods industry 5) Convenience store/ supermarket 6) Department store 7) Entrepreneurs 8) Fashion retailing/ fashion industry 9) Food and non-food retail 10) IT and security technology industry 11) Private Equity companies 12) Private Investors 13) Restaurant chains and event catering 14) Shop fitting and store design 15) Shopping mall and property management 16) Skilled trades 17) Visual marketing and merchandising 18) Private Equity companies
Exhibitor information
1) Retail Franchise & Licensing 2) Retail System & Technology 3) Retail E Commerce 4) Retail Concept Design and Fittings 5) Retail Shopper Marketing 6) Retail Property & Management 7) Retail Logistics, Supply Chain & Warehousing 8) Retail Cards & Payment Solutions

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