Social & Mobile Gambling Conference 2015

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Social & Mobile Gambling Conference 2015: How to build the business of future? A modern person spends more and more time on the Internet, and therefore the business is gradually moving to the Web. Gambling is a vivid example. Visiting the Social & Mobile Gambling Conference, you will learn about the current state of social and mobile gambling and the prospects of the industry. This is the first event in the Russian Federation on mobile and social network gambling. Online gambling is among the most profitable and promising internet business industries. Why? Everything is simple. Gambling is one of the oldest human passions and the Internet is a world of endless possibilities and in addition the best trading platform. Every day a lot of people spend their free time in the web and they all want to have fun, experience emotions and try their luck. So, provide them with such opportunity, and at the same time earn! Learn how to put this idea into practice visiting the second in a row, but still the only one in Russia conference on mobile gaming industry Social & Mobile Gambling Conference. The event will be held on March 12, 2015 in Moscow. Come to the event and you will  learn what trends prevail in the industry of online gambling today and what will be popular tomorrow;  understand how to start business in the industry;  learn how to attract players and to keep their interest and encourage them to spend more;  be able to raise your game in the top of users' preferences;  be aware of the nuances of regulatory rules governing this segment of the business;  make useful acquaintances and find an investor or developer. Why should you visit Social & Mobile Gambling Conference 2015? Because it's your chance just within one day to learn all the information that took our speakers years to learn! Visit the event's website and find out more about SMGC and register to participate today!

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