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Harnessing The Latest Behavioural, Technological & Material Trends To Deliver Stand-Out, Consumer-Led, Innovative Packaging A one-day, brand-led conference and networking event, 3rd December 2015, Museum of London Docklands, London. Download the brochure here to see the full agenda: 20 Senior Speakers From Leading Brands: Müller ● Diageo ● Marks and Spencer ● Weetabix ● The Co-operative ● Arla Foods ● 2 Sisters Food Group ● Crabtree & Evelyn ● Holy Cow! Food Company ● ManCave Grooming ● William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd ● Ice Co Ltd ● Rhythm Health Ltd ● Taywell Ice Creams ● SABMiller plc ● Savse ● Zeo ● Mini nom nom’s Ltd ● Beam Suntory ● Burton’s Biscuit Company 20 Brand Leaders On Delivering Tomorrow’s Stand-Out, Consumer-Led Innovations & Trends In Packaging Concepts & Designs: 1. Unlock Consumer Trends & Behaviours For Stand-Out Design: What’s next? Get ahead of the curve and design packaging concepts based on consumer behaviours, needs and habits 2. Harnessing New Material Innovations & Concepts: Break the mould – what’s driving innovation, reducing usage, appealing to consumers and driving down costs? 3. Stand Out With Exciting, Attention-Grabbing Branding: Improve visibility and stand out on the shelf and add the WOW factor to your brand 4. Cutting-Edge Packaging Technologies: Have you missed a trick? The concepts, trends and innovations which everyone will be looking to adopt, harness and scale up 5. Functional, Robust Packaging Structures & Concepts: Developing fit-for-purpose, ergonomic and functional packaging designs which unlock new usage opportunities and showcase products and brands 6. Developing Shelf-Ready, Next-Level NPD: Packaging design which enables quicker, more commercially-successful new product development and launches from market trends, concepts and innovations 7. Encouraging Sustainability & Recyclability: How can we introduce more sustainable elements into our packaging, reduce waste and encourage consumers to recycle? 8. International Market Sourcing, Innovations & Concepts: What works where and how can we source it? The styles, formats, designs and supply chains from across the globe creating commercial success For more information please please call us on +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

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