Water Infrastructure Philippines 2019

2019-06-27 - 2019-06-28
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+65-9182 9748

Water Infrastructure is muct needed for city sustainability with distribution and transmission channel infrastructure for three forms of liquids – water utility (sustaining lives), storm water (disaster/flood management) and wastewater (environmental protection). All Green and/or Smart Cities must have a proper Water Infrastructure in place. There are plenty of old pipes and pipelines to replace or rehabilitated. Pumps for different applications to recommend and use for proper management of this infrastructure transportation of mediums. Treatment plants for drinking water and wastewater come in different parts and packages. These are items this event is all about for you to showcase to the relevant authorities and clients in the Philippines. While Philippine is accelerating its infrastructure development and building better cities, this opportune time is for you to make full use of, don’t miss this golden opportunity.

Water Infrastructure Philippines 2019 will showcase products, equipment, services and technology for flood or storm water control, distribution channel, pipes, pipeline, pumps for drinking water distribution in a sustainable living environment.

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