World Coffee Leaders Forum 2018

2018-11-08 - 2018-11-11
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World Coffee Leaders
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Coffee people struggle. It is hard to be certain about the business model they set. One day, it is all about going back to principle and keeping classics. Then, the next day, all the new advances in technologies, techniques, research data, etc.

The world changes. And it changes really fast. When there is rapid change, it is expected that backlash will follow allowing a room for additional chaos: we all have experiences of adopting something in a rush not to be left behind and suffer from the side effects. 

Whereas much attention has been given these days to the polarization of the coffee industry, there are not many information to approach for coffee people around the world. World Coffee Leaders Forum committee have decided to raise the issue and observe it through the lens of diversity and balance. It is easy to go extreme but hard to be balanced

World Coffee Leaders Forum 2018 will open its 7th door under the main theme, “Meanings of Diversity in the Coffee Industry – It’s All About BALANCE.” Highly honored coffee industry leaders and scholars will be invited to share their insights and give solutions for those who wonder. Also, there are many sessions to be arranged for participants to experience coffee from a to z: plenary, professional, origin adventure, sensory sessions, and networking opportunities.

Participate in the World Coffee Leaders Forum 2018 and find the balance for your coffee.

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