Lead Retrieval Tools: The Changing Face of Trade Shows and Exhibitions

April 2, 2019

Himani Sheth

Himani Sheth is a marketing executive for Hubilo, an Event Automation Platform that helps event planners organize events in a more efficient and tech-savvy manner.

Events today are much more than the simple gatherings that they used to be. This change can majorly be attributed to the dawn of technology that has made its way into every aspect of event planning and execution.

This transformation has made its way to the trade show and exhibitions industry as well. One of the key concepts that are leading this change is lead retrieval. Lead retrieval tools are the new “in” technology in the trade show and exhibitions industry, changing the way organizers facilitate exhibitor ROI through data generation.

Before we delve into the topic of lead retrieval technology and its implication in the industry, let’s understand what exactly lead retrieval tools are.

“Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product and services.”

Lead generation tools with respect to trade shows and exhibitions are tech tools that let exhibitors gather attendee data using simple QR code scans and/or manually enter data which can then be integrated with exhibitor’s CRM systems that let them nurture these leads through calls, emails, content, etc.

To break it down for you, these are general web-based or mobile lead retrieval apps that help exhibitors carry out the following processes:

  1. Lead capture
  2. Lead tracking
  3. Lead
  4. Lead distribution 
  5. Lead nurturing

Another additional feature that such tools provide is booth staff management features. Exhibitors can measure the productivity of each booth staff members by gathering data on the number of leads created by them. Data for each booth staff member can be stored and managed separately.

Attendees can be handed out their custom QR codes through any of these tools which are then scanned using the above-mentioned lead retrieval apps:

  1. Email
  2. Integrated within the event app
  3. Smart Watches and Wristbands
  4. Virtual Reality Wearable’s
  5. Wearable Beacons
  6. Geofencing

These apps then help exhibitors carry out their entire lead nurturing and management procedures directly through the web or mobile lead retrieval app.

What is the utility of such a tool?

Following are a few benefits of digitalizing lead generation and management by facilitating these tools at events:

  • Increased exhibitor ROI
  • Minimize lost leads for exhibitors
  • Easy to follow up with leads gained
  • Accurate View of Floor Activity
  • Detailed Marketing Report Using Lead Analytics

As for the future of lead retrieval tools and their role in events, developers are now looking into advanced technology such as facial recognition and AR to be integrated into lead retrieval tools.

These tools are rapidly gaining popularity in the trade show and exhibitions industry, which leads to a high probability of lead retrieval tools going mainstream. This, in turn, would lead to more tech-driven trade shows and exhibitions wherein the event strategy will be driven by data gathered through previous events.

Measuring technological developments against data security and management, one simply needs to wait and see how organizers balance these two to determine what’s truly in store for lead retrieval technology in the future.


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