Atlanta-based Exposition Development Company Contracted for Trade Show Development in Linyi, China

January 22, 2014

Exposition Development Company, an Atlanta-based trade show consultancy firm based in Atlanta and run by industry veterans David Audrain and Stephanie Everett, has been contracted  by Business One Global Trade Center (B1GTC) to develop several new exhibitions and markets in Linyi, China.

B1GTC is in the midst of building a 30 million square foot massive development that will include an exhibition and events center, permanent showrooms, service apartments, 5-star hotel, an International village, and an international brands outlet mall In Linyi, the largest wholesale market center in Northern China.

Audrain and Everett will provide the expertise and connections to develop partnerships with associations and show organizers with market sectors that wish to extend their reach into the domestic China and greater Asian markets.

ExpoDevCo also will provide teams to assist with marketing and sales to international markets, as well as bringing logistical and operational expertise to the shows to be held in Linyi.

“What B1GTC is creating in Linyi is unique, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them on the development as they create what I am sure will become a new standard in the industry,” said Audrain, president & CEO of ExpoDevCo.

The privately owned development will have a model in which a complete supply chain will be provided for manufacturers and suppliers, where the exhibitions, the permanent showrooms, wholesale distribution, and sales representation, are all provided in partnership through B1GTC, so that international companies have a guarantee of sales development into domestic China and greater Asian markets.

“We welcome the opportunity to have the experience and knowledge that David, Stephanie and the ExpoDevCo team bring to what we are building in Linyi,” said Henry Hwang, CEO of B1GTC.

He added, “We are investing billions of dollars in the creation of this new concept and business center, and we will be able to provide market access and support to international businesses and organizations of a level that has never before been available to them.”

Steven Wissinger, senior vice president of global sales and marketing for B1GTC, said the $1.5 billion development currently is in Phase I, which includes four buildings, totaling approximately 3 million square feet.

“Phase 1 will open at the beginning of August 2014, which includes our exhibition and convention center and 3 market centers with permanent showrooms,” he added. “Phase 2 has just been graded and construction has begun on 6 additional market centers which will house permanent showrooms, adding another 4 million square feet. Phase 2 should be completed by December 2104.”

Wissinger also said that most venues in China are government owned, while B1GTC is completely privately owned.

“All major venues in China are currently majority government held companies. Being a privately held firm in China gives us enormous flexibility on how we can conduct business,” Wissinger said.

He added, “At the same time, Business One enjoys the full support of the local, regional and central governments.”

Another major plus Audrain and Wissinger pointed out for the trade center is there will be no upfront cost to manufacturers showing their products there.

“There will be virtually no risk for those exhibitors who occupy a permanent showroom in one of our first-class market centers,” Wissinger added.

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