dmg::events Outlines Strategy to Target Growth in U.S.

February 13, 2014

With more than 80 events in 25 countries around the world, dmg::events has targeted the United States market as a prime area of future growth opportunity for the company.

“We like the U.S. as an events market,” said Galen Poss, vice chairman of dmg::events.

He added, “The combination of quality, experienced talent, great venues in good event cities and a large entrepreneurial domestic audience continue to make the U.S. an exciting events landscape.”

The overall strategy of the company for many years has to take one if its existing brands, such as the Big 5 Construction Show, and geo-clone it in emerging markets, such as Asia and the Middle East. The same was done with the company’s ad:tech brand, which now runs in nine countries globally.

The geo-cloning strategy and the overall events portfolio in the company has been successful, seeing double-digit growth. As a result, dmge’s parent company,U.K-based Daily Mail and General Trust, is an acquisition and launch mode, particularly with an eye on the U.S., according to dmg::events CEO Geoff Dickinson.

Michael Green, dmge USA president, has been tapped to focus on growth sectors ranging from construction and manufacturing to education, healthcare and agriculture.

“We anticipate using a variety of entry points into these markets including launches, acquisitions, joint ventures and management agreements,” Green said.

The company already has experience in all of these areas and plans to tap the skills of its senior management team to further its U.S. expansion.

“With over 10,000 trade shows annually, the U.S. is globally the largest and most diverse events marketplace and provides tremendous opportunity for dmge, especially in the markets where we will be directing our focus,” Poss said.

Besides ad:tech in its current U.S. portfolio, dmge also has the Collective Group and iMedia products.

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