Naylor Association Solutions Launches New Online Learning Services

May 31, 2015

Naylor Association Solutions acquired exclusive U.S. and Canadian distribution rights to Blue Sky Broadcast’s full range of online learning services for the association industry, including the Path™ Event Learning Platform, launched in late 2014.

Founded in 2002, Blue Sky Broadcast helps 200-plus associations capture educational content from live or virtual settings, and facilitates the management and delivery of content to a global audience through its award-winning learning platform.

“Associations know the value of the education that occurs during their face-to-face and virtual meetings but have struggled with how to share that learning more broadly for the portion of their membership unable to attend these events,” said Alex DeBarr, president and CEO of Naylor.

DeBarr added, “The Path™ Event Learning Platform and virtual event services are the perfect tools to capture and seamlessly deliver these learning experiences to a wider audience and demonstrate significant value to members.”

The Path™ Event Learning Platform was designed and built specifically to support associations and their unique requirements, including capturing, delivering and managing their recorded, live or virtual learning events.

“We share Naylor’s passion for helping associations educate and engage their members. That is why our learning management solutions are the perfect addition to their suite of services,” said Philip G. Forte, president of Blue Sky Broadcast.

He added, “When you layer our online learning solutions into all of the other Naylor solutions, it is a compelling proposition for the association marketplace."

The secure Web-based learning portal is fully customizable with e-commerce capabilities, assessments and certifications, reporting and tracking and a registration engine for live virtual events.

“This is the next step in building a best-of-breed network of products and services designed to help associations improve the quality of their member engagement while generating non-dues revenue,” DeBarr said.

DeBarr added, “These new online learning solutions will integrate with Naylor’s current set of content, communications, career center, AMS and event solutions. Our job is to help build strong associations, and the addition of Blue Sky products expands our ability to do that.”

Naylor acquired AMS supplier Timberlake Membership Solutions and job board and career services provider Boxwood Technology in 2014.

During that period, the company also introduced new video, content consulting, event consulting and an updated print/digital buyer’s guide offerings exclusively for trade and professional associations.

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