Part 2: Big Data and What It Means

April 6, 2013

If our recent article on Big Data whetted your curiosity to know more, here are some examples which illustrate how varied organizations and communities are currently using or planning to use Big Data technique in real life to get better insights and improve critical aspects of their projects.

  1. Fujitsu Laboratories Limited recently announced the development of high-speed data processing technology that enables the timely utilization of big data. Fujitsu plans to collect and process social media data to provide real-time recommendations to prospective customers by 2014. Learn more
  1. Netflix uses Big Data to optimize the quality and stability of its video streams and to assess customer entertainment preferences, so it can provide better recommendations to them. Learn more
  1. Through it's Open Gov Plan, NASA provides open access to its massive raw data sets along with processing tools to enable scientists across the globe to collaborate and improve their research initiatives. Learn more
  1. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) recently debuted the prototype for its CancerLinQ database, which focuses on breast cancer and contains de-identified information for care providers and researchers. Physicians will be able to use the data to develop treatment plans tailored to a patient's specific cancer and clinical condition. Learn more
  1. Last but not the least, check out this beautiful video compiled by BBC News and Rick Smolan, photojournalist and author of the book ‘The Human Face of Big Data’ with some great thought-provoking examples of how Big Data is changing our lives. Watch Video

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