Put Your Event’s Mobile App to Work

June 8, 2014

Over the last few years, a well-functioning smartphone app has become the primary resource that attendees on the go use to plan ahead for trade shows and conferences.

 For busy event organizers too, the event app can be a handy resource for providing exemplary customer service to event participants. Here are some features that can extend the functionality of your mobile solution beyond the basic search and plan features:

1. Notifications

In 2013, the venue of a key event at National Electrical Contractors Association’s annual convention and exposition had to be changed less than a week before the event date due to unforeseen circumstances. The show management used the real-time notifications to alert the attendees about the new location. The ability to send a message directly to the attendees’ smartphones can come in handy for updates related to schedule changes, last-minute reminders and important information.

2. Showcase content

According to a CEIR report published in February of this year, the key reason attendees register for trade shows is to ‘shop’ for new products. The ability to search for and browse through product and video galleries before attending an event can significantly improve the efficiency and satisfaction level of busy professionals. In addition, your event can go green and eliminate printing costs by enabling attendees to download session handouts and personalized itineraries directly on their mobile devices.

3. Networking

Networking was cited as the second most popular reason for attending in CEIR’s report. Attendees are always keen to network with other people in their given vertical and form new connections.  Here again, a robust mobile solution can be of tremendous value to event participants for scheduling meetings, exchanging social media messages and forming new connections.  

4. Surveys

Make the most of the fact that attendees love to engage their mobile devices by serving them short surveys within your mobile app to ask for their feedback on sessions, speakers, special events as well as their overall event experience.

5. Analytics

After the event, review the analytics and survey reports carefully to determine the overall usage patterns, device and feature popularity and customer feedback. This will provide your team with the information it needs to evaluate the user behavior patterns and create strategies to ensure even bigger success for your mobile offering in the future.

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