Several Tech Companies Release New Products at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting & Exhibition

December 18, 2016

The International Association of Exhibitions and Event’s Expo! Expo! showfloor was packed with tech companies serving the trade show industry, many of which launched new products to the throngs of show organizers walking the aisles.

Convention Data Services launched the company’s new business intelligence tool, Data Sense. CDS’ Data Sense helps show management visualize, analyze and understand all event data by consolidating data across one or more events into a centralized framework.

Event managers now will have the ability to not only see the complete picture of their event data, but will also be able to filter their data to drill down for specific results and in-depth analysis.

“Associations and businesses need a way to better understand the data collected during their events, and we responded by adding Data Sense to the CDS technology line. This powerful new business intelligence tool organizes event data by transforming numbers into actionable insights,” said John Kimball, President and CEO, Convention Data Services.

He added, “Data Sense will help show management build a stronger event by identifying and attracting more qualified attendees, establishing relevant conference programs and making business decisions in real-time to drive revenue.”

Data Sense dashboards are presented in a clear graphical format to improve decision-making, cut costs and help show management identify new trends and opportunities. Day-by-day reports show near real-time responses to promotions and incentives.

Data Sense is built on the industry-leading SiSense analytics platform, which continually evolves to remain at the forefront of data analysis

Ungerboeck Software revealed  the launch of the industry’s first floor plan management solution specifically developed for exhibition organizers to easily design and optimize the show floor.

“The floor plan is where so many of the critical decisions that impact the ultimate success of an event are made that it was an obvious area for us to innovate,” said Ungerboeck Software CEO, Manish Chandak.

He added, “We saw an opportunity to leverage modern technology to deliver a floor plan that is beautiful, easy to use and specifically designed with the show organizer in mind. Organizers can literally live in the floor plan application as they creatively design and sell their show experience.” 

Operating completely within the new online application, organizers can direct every significant element of floor plan management including combining and modifying booths, as well as upgrading, downgrading and merging space. Quick and easy access to exhibitor profiles, order history and additional account information further simplifies the process for creating an expertly optimized floor plan.

Accordingly, the new application makes the business of assigning booths as straightforward and effortless as possible with the dynamic display of vital information necessary for proper placement. An intelligent highlighting feature minimizes time spent searching for ideal positioning and allows users to quickly identify potential spaces by booth or order information to best meet exhibitor preferences.

Insights from past orders, customer preferences and pricing are brought together within the drawing to help maximize revenue and exhibitor satisfaction. For large shows, multi-user features allow for real time, non-intrusive updates from all users. 

“What we’ve accomplished with this application is truly transformational,” Chandak said.

He added, “We’re in core engineering territory here, where we’re applying what we know about the way this industry works and where it’s heading, and creating technology solutions that bridge those pathways.”

Exhibition Floor Plan will be available for wide release in mid-December.

Core-apps announced it will release its second-screen engagement tool - Showcase XD™-  in early 2017, a new product that was previewed at last week’s IAEE Expo! Expo! Event.

The new technology powers interactive product content through a tablet, tracks the attendee’s user experience, provides automated follow up and allows exhibitors to data mine the analytics for sales opportunities.

“We created Showcase XD to bridge the gap between the booth and a data-rich digital experience and to solve the problem of following up with attendees who have expressed interest in products and services at the booth,” explains Core-apps CEO Jay Tokosch. “It provides a new level of engagement, nurturing and results to booths of any size. This product helps support the future of the booth experience.”

The new feature reflects Core-apps’ dedication to creating innovative products for event organizers to sell through to their customers.

“Showcase XD gives event organizers an innovative new product to market to exhibitors,” Tokosch said. “Currently exhibitors would need to spend time and money creating a custom digital catalog for their booth, and worry about connectivity keeping it live. Showcase XD solves this problem by providing an out-of-the-box solution to power these types of content experiences without the need for WiFi.”

He adds, “We heard from a lot of organizers at last week’s IAEE Expo!Expo!, that the product is a natural fit for exhibitors interested in adding a digital layer to their booth. They also felt the experience tracking and data mining capabilities were powerful, unique and can help their exhibitors save money on costly printed materials. We are confident that Showcase XD will be a game-changing revenue channel for organizers and a cost-effective tool for exhibitors that closes the loop on the booth sales process.”

Early adopters of the new technology include Informa, Convexx’s SHOT Show, Texas Restaurant Association and the Association of Legal Administrators.

Core-apps plans to provide organizers with a suite of marketing materials to complement their sales process. The new feature will be available for iPad in early 2017 with an Android version coming Q2 2017.

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