SmartSource Takes Touchscreen Displays to a Whole New Level

January 13, 2017

SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals has launched two new technology solutions designed to transform traditional event touchscreen displays into interactive, larger-than-life formats – the iTab Core and Giant Smartphone.

The iTab Core turns any touchscreen display into a giant iPhone or Android phone, facilitating access to various apps, social media and games, as well as branding and marketing messages that can be easily uploaded and displayed in real time. Designed to promote digital engagement and customer interaction, the intuitive screen allows users to manage content from one device and displays it in clear smartphone format.

The Giant Smartphone is exactly what its name implies – a fully-functioning, jumbo-sized digital display that mimics the look and feel of a smartphone. It operates on both iOS and Android platforms to create a mammoth display of mobile optimized content, and projects apps in their native environment, just as they would appear on regular-sized handheld devices.

Together, the iTab Core and Giant Smartphone can help facilitate a wide range of branding and marketing applications for exhibitors and event organizers, with myriad content options to choose from, including Product Selector Guide, SmartPad App, Salesforce App, Product Configurator, Websites, Video Show Reels, PowerPoint Slides, Brochures/PDFs, Picture Galleries, Gaming, Twitter and Facebook.

Designed to help increase attendee engagement as well as effectively convey and distill brand messages and content with maximum impact, these interactive display formats are incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use, especially since the smartphone is a digital platform with which most people are already familiar.

“With the mass adoption of mobile applications, this is a perfect solution,” said Robert Edwards, SmartSource manager of software service. “When you can take a technology and pair it with something that a person is used to using and seeing, it’s a ‘win–win’ scenario.”

He continued, “In the past, with traditional touch displays, individuals would not interact with the device the way it was intended, as it was foreign (to them). Now we can take a technology that once fit in a person’s hands and provide this on a much larger scale, which allows for individuals to be able to display their technology in a whole new way.” 

The iTab Core is a plug-and-play, interactive solution that works with the Giant Smartphone to offer a 4K ultra HD experience with its 2GB memory, 16GB storage, dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI 2.0, DC 5V specifications. It is CE, FCC and CCC Certified.

The Giant Smartphone offers a 42” screen, Pro Cap touch technology, 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, HDMI and a 6-millisecond response time, among other high performance features. It is also CE Certified.

Launched last Dec. at IAEE’s Expo! Expo!, the iTab Core and Giant Smartphone appear to have already made an impression. This quarter alone, six major shows will be using these technologies, according to Edwards.

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