2016 Atlanta HR Star Conference

A Splendid Day of Human Resources
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Exhibitors may apply for any open spaces starting in January 2016. Usually, there are only 4-5 exhibitor openings each year. For additional information please contact: Braden Albert 216-342-4844
The annual Atlanta HR Star Conference features 21 sessions on a wide variety of topics covering the broad spectrum of human resources. The 900+ attendees are HR managers and HR executives - all from companies with at least 100 employees all the way up to tens of thousands of employees. The vast majority of the attendees work for companies based in Northern Georgia. The Atlanta HR Star Conference is one of the largest human resources conferences in the Southeast. This will be our 15th year in Atlanta and our 18th year overall. We also host similar HR Star Conferences in Los Angeles (March), San Francisco (July 13) and Cleveland (July 27).
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Attendees are employed HR professionals from organizations with at least 100 employees. For qualified organizations, up to four HR professionals may attend for free. Typically, this conference qualifies for 4.0 HRCI recertification credits. There are 21 sessions in total. With 900+ attendees, the HR Star Conference is also great for networking. Attendees register each year directly at the web site starting on August 1st: www.hrstarconference.com. For non-qualified attendees, we offer 20 paid attendee spaces at a nominal registration fee.
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To maximize your impact, we cap the number of exhibitors at just 27 and include you inside the main ballroom (not in a separate trade show area). In addition, each exhibitor is personally introduced to the entire audience at the beginning of the day. This allows all the attendees to learn a little bit about who you are and what your company provides before they visit you during the breaks. We also limit the exhibitors by industry group and category offering exclusives whenever possible. All attendees are required to visit with the exhibitors at some point during the day. There are three major breaks designated for visiting with the exhibitors. In addition to exhibiting, we offer up to 5 Platinum Sponsorships. Call 216-342-4844 for detailed exhibitor and sponsorship information including pricing.
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September 2017

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