2015-10-01 - 2015-10-04
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Please contact Antexpo, Int'l Marketing and Sales Partner of the event, for more information. ANTEXPO Barbaros Mah. Ören Sok. Deluxia Palace No:5 Kat:2 D:68 Batı Ataşehir / İSTANBUL Tel: +90 216 541 03 90 Fax: +90 216 541 03 89 burcu@antexpo.net
4th ELECTRONIC SUB-INDUSTRY, COMPONENTS, EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND POWER SUPPLIES EXHIBITION We designed Electronist Exhibition in 2012 based on the fact that LEDs which are the main theme of Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which has been held since 2007 are actually components. Hosting mostly components related to LED and LED Lighting in the following years, we have been reorganized as “Electronics Sub-industry Exhibition” from 2015 on. Being the only exhibition of the sector in the region where Turkiye is located, International Electronist Exhibition is expected to shortly become the activity which brings together all the segments of the sector thanks to its new structure. Expanding its extent in the upcoming years, the exhibition is organized so as to become one of the exhibitions which represent our country in the fields of electronics and are followed by the sector all around the world. As Marmara Fair Organization, we aim to actualize these goals and plans as in all the other exhibitions in a very short time. Electronic devices have today started to be in every part of our lives. All of the components (parts) and electronics sub-industry products that are used in all of the electronic devices, computers and telecommunication devices whose use has today become compulsory in compliance with the rapid development of technology are altogether in Electronist Exhibition. Electronist Exhibition where the companies which manufacture, sell or distribute any kind of products, sub- industry products, components or semi-finished products that are required for the completion of an electronic system will exhibit their products, services and applications is one of the few special exhibitions featuring this aspect around the world. Targeting visits by mostly those who are manufacturers and those who manufacture via using these products, Electronist Exhibition attracts the attention of very important foreign buyers as well as domestic and foreign visitors. The proportion of the visitors coming from abroad to Electronist Exhibition in 2014 reached notably high numbers. Due to the rapid growth of both Turkiye and the surrounding countries as well as Turkiye’s production power in electronics sub-industry production and making semi-finished products final products, Electronist Exhibition has become an exhibition followed by the sector companies in the entire region. We look forward to seeing you as representatives of your company at Electronist Exhibition which is one of the few exhibitions in the world related to Electronics Sub-industry, Components, Power Supplies and Embedded Systems in order to Strengthen your current market, Penetrate into new markets, meet new buyers, Commence operations in the regional developing countries, Follow the latest developments in the sector and keep up with the latest products, Introduce and convey your products to larger masses.
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Government Officials Corporate Managers Design and Packaging Engineers Supply Authorities Plant, Production Managers Purchasing Managers Technical Directors, Specialists Production Planners Engineers R & D Engineers Design Engineers Plant Engineers, Plant Personnel Service and Support Engineers Developers Engineers Packaging Engineers Project Engineers Test and Inspection Engineers Process Development Engineers Production and Assembly Engineers Quality Assurance Officers From the following industries… Electronic Companies Telecommunication Companies Automation Companies Defence Industry Companies Computer and Supplies Companies Communication Companies Security Companies Electricity Companies Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Household Appliance Manufacturers Computer Manufacturers System and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturers Communications System Manufacturers Automobile Electronics Manufacturers Aviation Electronics Manufacturers Defense Electronics Manufacturers Medical Equipment Manufacturers Mechanical Equipment, Machine Manufacturers Industrial Installation Governmental Offices
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Semiconductors Diodes Transistors Power Semiconductor Components Opto Semiconductor Components Accessories for Discrete Semiconductors Logic Circuits Microprocessors Memory Application-Specific ICs (ASSP) Data/Signal Transformer ICs ICs, Special Designs (Including ASICs/CSICs) Embedded Systems Development Tools (Software) Development Tools (Hardware) Hardware Peripheral Systems DDI and Other Network-Technology Components Memories and Memory Peripherals System Solutions Displays Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Plasma Display Panel (PDP) Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) EL Display Field Emission Display (FED) Light Emitting Diode (LED) E-Paper Peripheral Equipment for Displays Micro- and nanosystems Microsystems MEMS Nanotechnologie Sensor technology Sensors for Geometrical Parameters Sensors for Mechanical Parameters Sensors for Time and Time-Based Parameters Sensors for Temperature and Caloric Parameters Sensors for Climatic Parameters Sensors for Optical and Acoustic Parameters Sensors for Electrical and Magnetical Parameters Sensors for Chemical Parameters Sensors for Biological Parameters Sensor Elements by Technology Test and Measurement Measuring/Testing of Geometric Parameters Mechanical Parameters Time and Time-Based Parameters Thermal Units Environmental Parameters Chemical and Biological Parameters Optical and Acoustical Parameters Image/Pattern Recognition and Processing Electrical Parameters Specialized Laboratory/Test Equipment Electronic Design (ED/EDA) CAD/CAE Tools Generation Software Test Software Software for Special Applications Peripheral Equipment for ED/EDA Environments ED/EDA Services Design and Development Systems Passive components Inductors and Accessories Capacitors Resistors (Including R Networks) Radiofrequency and Microwave Components Polymer Components Nonlinear High-Voltage Components Passive Components (Miscellaneous) Piezoelectric Components Magnetic and Electronic Ceramic Products Electromechanics/System Peripherals Switches and Keyboards Interconnection Components/Systems Interconnection Components (Specialized) Casing Technology Power Supplies Transformers Coilware for Specific Applications Accessories for Coilware Power Supplies (DC Output) Power Supplies (AC Output) Frequency Converters UPS Systems Special Power Supplies Batteries Static Current Supplies (Miscellaneous) Power Management Systems Accessories PCBs and Other Circuit Carriers Non-PTH Single- and Double-Sided PCBs Double-Sided PCBs (PTH) Multilayer PCBs (ML) Special PCBs Injection Molded Circuits (MID/3D-MID) Ceramic PCBs PCBs for Backplanes/Bus Systems Accessories for PCBs EMS Electronic Manufacturing Services EMS (Component/Chip Carrier Manufacturing) EMS (Component Construction and Equipment Manufacturing) Product Development Intermediate/Semifinished Goods, Materials Hybrid components/Assemblies Prototyping Assemblies and Subsystems Assemblies for Control Applications Printer Assemblies Assemblies (Miscellaneous) Hybrid Modules (Including Multi-Chip Modules) Servo-Technology/Drive Elements Wireless Cellular Systems Non-Cellular Systems Wireless Applications Services Information Institutions/Organizations Business Concepts/Business Development Electronics Development/Approval/Testing/Certification Services

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