HotSec '17: 2017 USENIX Summit on Hot Topics in Security

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The 2017 USENIX Summit on Hot Topics in Security (HotSec '17) will be held on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, in conjunction with the 26th USENIX Security Symposium in Vancouver, BC. HotSec aims to bring together researchers across computer security disciplines to discuss the state of the art, with emphasis on future directions and emerging areas. HotSec is not your traditional security workshop! The day will consist of a morning and afternoon session of lightning talks on emerging work in security. Lightning talks are 5 minutes in duration—time limit strictly enforced with a gong! The format provides a way for lots of individuals to share enlightening ideas with others in a quick and more informal way. These talks will inspire breakout discussion for the remainder of the day.

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