Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene
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Overview: This topic will address the importance of personal hygiene and how this condition can be attained and maintained. An understanding of the meaning of food sanitation will be established and why the maintenance of effective personal hygiene is important to all businesses that require effective sanitation. The role of people in the maintenance of effective personal hygiene will be addressed. The role of carriers will be elucidated, including convalescent, chronic, and contact carriers and direct and indirect disease transmission will be discussed. Also, discussion will include how the different parts of the human body can contribute to contamination and infection. The protection role of the skin will be mentioned and the difference between resident and transient microbial flora will be addressed. The role of two species of Staphylococci, as carried by employees, will be mentioned and how these two microorganisms can be controlled. Infectious diseases that can be carried by employees will also be discussed. The role of fingers and fingernails in the transmission of microorganisms to others and food will be discussed. Furthermore, the controversy of wearing gloves will be addressed including benefits and liabilities of this practice. Contamination from other body parts (including excretory organs) will be mentioned and how the spread of microorganisms and viruses (i.e. the common cold) can be reduced. Since the first line of defense against disease is frequent and effective hand washing, the importance of motivation, reinforcement, incentives, and modeling through supervisors and managers practicing appropriate hand washing, these techniques will be recognized and discussed to reduce resident and transient bacteria. Also, recommended hand washing will be discussed-including mechanized hand washing. Furthermore, antimicrobial agents that exert a continuous and antagonistic action on emerging microorganisms while enhancing the effectiveness of hand soap at the time of application will be mentioned. Additional discussion will relate to requirements for hygienic practices. Also, the role of facilities, employee supervision, and employee responsibilities will be discussed. Why should you Attend: Those involved in the health care, food processing, and foodservice industries and other businesses that require rigid sanitation should attend this webinar. The instruction provided to enhance the cleanliness of employees and to protect those that benefit from services provided by these industries from foodborne illness will be beneficial to all that choose to be a part of this presentation. It is essential that all employees that provide services related to health care and food processing and foodservice benefit from the information provided through this webinar to protect the image of the organization that they represent and avoid costly damage control and litigation resulting from unsafe practices that cause consumer or foodborne illnesses. Furthermore, those that have not received proper training related to personal hygiene need to attend this webinar to ensure that they have the knowledge to conduct effective personal hygiene. Knowledge imparted during this webinar will pay dividends in the form of organization image and protection against recalls, consumer dissatisfaction, and litigation. Communication of personal hygiene principles through a webinar is a cost effective method of educating employees about the techniques and importance of personal hygiene.
In this program participant will become aware of how effective personal hygiene protects against the transmission of diseases and the development of foodborne illness.
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Health Care Supervisors, Nurses and Aids Foodservice Owners, Managers, Supervisors, and Servers Food Processing Owners, Managers, and Supervisors Food Processing and Foodservice Quality Assurance Personnel HACCP Technicians and Supervisors
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015 | 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT | Duration: 60 Minutes Compliance4All Adam Fleaming Phone: +1-800-447-9407 Event Link:

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