Jun 30, 2012
I’ve always appreciated our industry’s effect on the economy. It’s a fact, whether you work in facility management, show management or as an official services provider, the trade show industry positively impacts the U.S. and world economies. As long as buyers exist, we’ll continue to have B2B and F2F opportunities – and trade shows are the best option for companies to market themselves and their products. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t see the value of investing their resources in trade shows (and a show organizer can tell you it’s… more
Jun 30, 2012
When our company recently exhibited at EXHIBITOR2012, we gave mini-seminars in our trade show booth to attendees at the show. By far the most popular topic was “12 Tips About Social Media for Trade Shows.” The idea was to communicate in just 10 minutes, 12 actionable tactics exhibitors could use on the most popular social media networks to get more people into their trade show displays. Not a lot of strategy; just quick, usable ideas. I covered just the most popular networks:  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs.  Here we go: Twitter: Tweet Reasons… more
May 31, 2012
Want to be a smarter exhibitor? Not just above-average, slightly ahead of the pack, but a full-blown trade show marketing genius? Then follow these 6 (not so easy, but worthwhile) steps: Be Genuine Be Experimental Be A Nerd GoInternational Be Useful Drive Sales     Be Genuine Trade shows offer a huge opportunity to gain exposure for your company’s brand image. So make your trade show exhibit true to the heart of your brand. Trade shows let you go beyond just your brand colors and taglines. You can create an entire… more
May 19, 2012
I read a LinkedIn post on the frustration we have all felt dealing with the never-ending list of rules and regulations for trade shows.  I believe the post even asked, what is with all these rules?  Let me share some of my thoughts on that subject. 1. No room for interpretation. Let’s be honest – people like to ‘interpret’ rules in a way that benefits them.  I can say that I have bent the rules to get six more inches on my structure and block a competitor’s sign – and I have seen the error of my ways. With years of experience in dealing… more
May 17, 2012
What is it about games that b-to-b event organizers are trying to hide? Some third-party event producers and even game developers have taken to calling them “engagement platforms” to try to gloss over the notion that (heaven forbid) an attendee might have fun while learning and networking at a live event. As affirming research piles up and the number of game options for events increases, tradeshow and conference organizers (corporate meeting planners are way ahead of these two groups on the game front) may soon be convinced that a game layer placed on top of an otherwise ho hum… more
May 12, 2012
I wrote to my representative in Congress this week.  As a proud participant in the Meetings Industry, I am concerned about the backlash that has popped up around the abuses by people working for the GSA in regards to inappropriate use of money spent in regards to conferences.  Similar bad press rumbled around in 2008 because of the WordCom fiasco and the 2011 "MuffinGate". Waste should not be tolerated by government agencies, companies, associations or anyone who plans meetings. But people who overstep common sense (and the laws) are not proof that meetings are somehow… more
May 07, 2012
It’s not surprising that some of the hottest trade show marketing trends revolve around social media. In the new age of social networking and technology it may seem like trade show marketing is a thing of the past. But with the use of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, businesses can be even more successful with their trade show marketing. Trade shows are a great way to connect with prospective customers while manning your tradeshow booth, marketing partners, new employees and influentials in your industry. Learn how to use social media to get the most out of… more
Apr 30, 2012
Editor's Note: Mike Thimmesch and Joyce McKee will be giving a TSNN Webinar - "Getting More Leads and Making Them Count" May 24 at 1pm - sign up here: A newly published white paper by Marketech reveals what 3,341 trade show attendees, in interviews held at 30 events, said caused them to visit trade show exhibits. Skyline has sponsored this new research report and made it available free to exhibitors, who can get a copy by requesting it here. The Value Of People, Product, and Promotions in Attracting Visitors… more
Apr 22, 2012
I will admit that I shouldn’t be writing this right now because I am really steamed and maybe it would be best if I calmed down a bit. But, forget it. I am going for it. I am so fed up with airlines nickel and diming every little thing to death to the point where I think airline tickets are higher than they have ever been in a very long time. Case in Point No. 1 I recently flew from Detroit to Los Angeles on United Airlines. I was leaving on a 9-day trip so I had my purse and computer as my two allotted carry ons and I checked two bags, a garment bag and small rolling bag. Yes, to… more