Mar 14, 2019
With March Madness right around the corner, I couldn’t help but think about how the teams that get to The Big Dance have just the right mix of game-winning strategies – sort of like the components that go into creating and managing a successful event app!  To make your event app a slam dunk, you need to consider some key factors that can make it a winning success. Here are the top tips event organizers should consider as they put together a game plan for winning over their attendees, sponsors and exhibitors!  The Coach Make sure the right person on your team is leading the event app effort… more
Mar 12, 2019
As conference organizers, we are always looking for ways to create new experiences that capture attendees’ attention, fuel their participation and keep them talking about the event long after they’ve returned home.  Aside from the draw of a keynote speaker, a trendy networking dinner or even volunteer opportunity, what other kinds of memorable and meaningful WOW is out there? Here’s a hint: It begins with some workout clothes.                                                                                                            Stretch Your Event Potential As a yoga teacher,… more
Mar 07, 2019
Events are one of the best ways for businesses to showcase products, promote services and increase brand awareness, and one of the key advantages of event marketing is the ability to provide attendees with something memorable to link back to you. However, organizing events can be extremely complicated and time-consuming. For example, a typical business or event company might need to research potential venues, enlist the help of expert speakers, organize catering, transport equipment, process payments and build an event team. This can be a lot to take on, especially if you are simultaneously… more
Mar 05, 2019
Trade show organizers have a new problem. Rogue list brokers are targeting their exhibitors, claiming to have access to the official attendee list. We began seeing this more widely in 2017 and by the end of 2018, exhibitors at every show we work were receiving daily emails from these solicitors. Show organizers are seemingly helpless to stop this and as a result, many of our clients have approached us asking if there is anything we can do to help them stop this.     In response to these requests, Event Technologies undertook an effort to look into these list brokers to see if we could gain… more
Feb 28, 2019
If you’ve been a trade show organizer even for a short period of time, you know that event sponsorships can be crucial to the financial health and wellbeing of your event. Unlike other forms of advertising, sponsorship opportunities allow exhibiting companies to reach a highly qualified and captivated audience. But is the traditional model of “give us your money and we’ll put your company’s name on X, Y or Z item at the trade show” really keeping up with today’s rapidly changing brand marketing landscape?  Recently, our team worked with the National Automatic Merchandising Association to… more
Feb 26, 2019
When considering whether or not to shell out for a sponsorship at such-and-such trade show, companies are calculating what their ROI will be. Attracting sponsors for your trade shows can be a challenging task but the more value you can deliver to sponsors, the easier it becomes to sell sponsorship slots.  If you’re hosting a trade show, chances are you’re already planning to use audio-visual at the show. With the right AV partner, you can leverage the event’s AV to drive sponsorship. When potential sponsors see how your show can boost their profile at the event, sponsorship slots will… more
Feb 20, 2019
MWC Barcelona, or the GSMA Mobile World Congress, is the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry. The event brings together prominent executives, device manufacturers, vendors, and content owners from all over the world. In 2018, LMT's first time exhibiting at Mobile World Congress, we created a unique trade show booth called “Garage” in collaboration with contemporary artists. The booth was made of natural wood and metal and was created as an interactive safe space where adults can become children again, build future ideas and dream big. Even though we came prepared, there were… more
Feb 18, 2019
It seems like a no-brainer that reducing waste from any source, including events, is the sustainable thing to do. But do you know why reducing waste is sustainable? In a country like the U.S. with robust waste management infrastructure, the issue isn’t rampant litter pollution or unsightly garbage piles. Most trash ends up in a landfill or incinerator, and these facilities are generally safely and professionally managed. So why bother to reduce and divert event waste away from landfills and incinerators? First, materials that end up in landfills and incinerators are missed opportunities… more
Feb 14, 2019
“Friction” has become a recent buzzword used to describe a break down in the sales process. Anything that causes your customer to hesitate is friction. Removing friction ensures customers and visitors can easily buy from you.  Visitors attending trade shows are looking to make deals, buy things in large quantities and sign contracts. Friction on your exhibition booth will inhibit deals at the expo and limit your contact with visitors. Use the guide below to remove the friction from your exhibit and increase your sales. Attracting and Qualifying Leads Incorporating interactive elements on… more
Feb 12, 2019
International trade shows offer a unique opportunity for brands to expand their market share and reach out to an audience they might otherwise have difficulty connecting with. However, actually achieving success at an international exhibition requires careful planning, especially given the costs involved.  From choosing between custom or modular exhibition stands, through to selecting the exhibition services you are going to offer attendees, there are a number of crucial decisions that must be taken. Here are seven simple steps that can help you achieve your objectives and improve your… more